What is the Partners Program?

The Partners Program was designed to attract businesses and professionals that have similar or supporting online courses that fit well into the technical writer or technical communicator career fields.

Our goal is to associate with companies or instructors that provide unique courses and training instruction for software tools and skill sets that normally fit into the technical writer's or technical communicator's role.  We provide you with a professional, multi-tiered, and secure affiliate tracking system.  If you want to point your clients to our courses and services, we'll provide you the links and pay you handsomely.  If you want to see your own courses on our site, we will give you the lions share for all of your hard-earned work.

For example, we provide instruction on courses such as Microsoft Word Styles and Templates, or Adobe Structured FrameMaker 2017.  There are other courses, such as Military Standards (MIL STD), associated with technical writing. There's video production training for companies interested in sending their employees to learn more about in-house training video production.

Some other areas to consider are graphics editing/design, software training development, technical writing standards, and other skills related to technical writing.

We Also Help Your Business

Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to find.  So also provide services around our courses and online tools.  For example, your business may require contracted software training, writing services, website design, project management, business development, or other services.

We provide our services on an hourly or monthly basis, on retainer, or other contractual basis.  Contact us for further details.

We Are Industry Experts

Technical Writer Training, LLC is an industry expert in Technical Writing and Technical Communications.  We have over 40 years of combined experience in online business development, marketing, technical writing, video development, and many other common areas within our industry.

Our primary training development has been for Adobe.  However, we have experts in many areas of online business training and development.  Our company also does online product demonstrations and sales material.

Rebrand License 

Our Rebrand License is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to start your business. After more than two years of trial and error with WordPress businesses, we finally found the secrets to building and maintaining an eCommerce site.

What if we could offer you a way to rebrand our entire site...lock, stock, and barrel!  What if we gave you everything we have on our site, set up your payment system, created every part of our site for you and did it for a small price. We'll even finance it for you.

That means you get every element of our business, including the design, plugins, and even the courseware for one, low price. We promise you that you couldn't develop it for less than $10,000 and that's cheap! What if you could have it for far less than that...a whole lot less.

Contact us or go to the Plans page for more information.


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