Creating MS Word Styles and Building Templates

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This MS Word Styles and Templates course displays an alternate and highly-effective method of creating and naming styles that's not known or taught in any other Word styles training course.

Ken has been using MS Word since 1995 and became frustrated with the auto-creation of style names; a function that's built into Word. So, Ken developed a style-naming and use method where users rarely have to click buttons in the main menu or apply styles to existing text.  He will also show you exactly why you don't want to click on those main menu buttons, especially if you want to maintain consistency in your documents.

Main Features

  • Learn the most advanced and quickest method of building styles.
  • Learn the pitfalls of Word's built-in styles and how to avoid them.
  • Eliminate time wasted on applying bold, italics, and other attributes from the top menu.
  • Increase your productivity time by up to 40% by using this styles-development method.
  • How to overcome all of your multi-level numbering issues.
  • Unreal Engine provides Robust Multiplayer Framework.
  • The built-in Cascade visual effects editor enables particles.
  • Unreal Engine 4's Material Editor makes use of physically-based.

What is the target audience?

  • You might be thinking, all of the above - and that is fine. But as a complete beginner learning Unreal Engine 4.
  • The rendering system in Unreal Engine 4 is an all-new, DirectX 11 pipeline that includes deferred shading.

Learning a new game engine as a complete beginner is very intimidating. There are a lot of tutorials, documentation and advice already out but how do you start and proceed with learning Unreal Engine 4 is unclear. You get pulled into many different directions and end up confused and overwhelmed.

I have spent a lot of time deconstructing what it takes to learn a game engine from scratch. What it is that you should focus on first and what you should avoid until later.

Starting Course

Nvidia New Technologies Slides
Quiz: Mobile / Native Apps
18 questions
Engine Target Audience

After Intro

Realistic Graphic on UE4
Volta GPU for optimization.
Deep Learning
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Productivity Hacks to Get More Done in 2018

— 28 February 2017

  1. Facebook News Feed Eradicator (free chrome extension) Stay focused by removing your Facebook newsfeed and replacing it with an inspirational quote. Disable the tool anytime you want to see what friends are up to!
  2. Hide My Inbox (free chrome extension for Gmail) Stay focused by hiding your inbox. Click "show your inbox" at a scheduled time and batch processs everything one go.
  3. Habitica (free mobile + web app) Gamify your to do list. Treat your life like a game and earn gold goins for getting stuff done!

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